Well, that was interesting: on changing jobs.

Both of my long-term readers know that I work as a contractor. That basically means I stick around in a job for a little while until either I get bored or burnt out, or my client gets bored or burnt out.

It’s a precarious existence, and not for everyone, but I do get to work with some interesting people and see some interesting things.

I’ve just changed jobs so it’s about time I put together a few posts on things I’ve learned in my last couple of roles. And, perhaps, some things to remember when I’m next interviewing.

More stuff about .NET

In my travels using .NET and other technology I find that I’m often being asked the same questions. That, and I forget stuff myself, which is probably associated with the grey bits appearing on my head.

So this blog is really my notepad for stuff I really shouldn’t forget. An electronic version of my battered old physical notepad, if you like.